Finished Boys Bedroom Makeover: Ethans Blue, White And Red Big Boy Room

Our little boy Ethan's, bedroom makeover is now finished and it feels so good to finally be able to say that! If you've been following our renovation journey, then you'll know that we've just had a two-storey front side extension added on to our home, which gave us a much bigger kitchen and dining area, a porch and also increased the smallest bedroom in our home (the room I'm showing you today) which made it even bigger than the middle-sized bedroom that we have. This room, which used to be Logan's nursery and is now Ethan's big boy bedroom, used to be our box room, but now it feels so spacious, airy and perfect for Ethan to grow up in and then have as a teenager.

We're honestly so thrilled with it - it's exactly what we had hoped for and more. The younger Alex-in-me is actually a little bit jealous, as I would have loved his room as a child myself, especially the new cool bed! I've filmed a room tour for this room over on my youtube channel, but of course, I wanted to share a reveal here too and show you all what it looks like. (If you'd like to see our home and this room before the renovations, then you can take a look here).

One of my absolute favourite things about Ethan's new room (asides from the amount of space that we've gained) is his brand new bed. It's from a company called Noa & Nani and it's their Thor Cabin Bed Midsleeper which comes with a super cool blue tent underneath. We also added a few of the extra add-on's that you can get such as the tunnel, the tower and the bed pocket organiser which is great for Ethan to store his little bits in next to his bed. I really feel like the bed is what makes the room feel as exciting as it does, the boys think the tent underneath, that you can have as either extra storage or as a little den, is super cool and I have to agree with them. It's such a fun bed, bedtime is definitely no longer boring!

We didn't actually start out with any sort of theme for Ethan's room, I sort of just went with it and we naturally seemed to fall into a bit of a Star Wars/Lego theme with a blue, white and red colour theme and it really does work amazingly well for him, not only for now at five years old but also as a room to grow with him too.
I absolutely love the range of furniture that we've picked for Ethan's bedroom, it's by Argos Home and it's their New Pagnell range. We've got the desk, the wardrobe and the chest of drawers and again these feel like they are perfect for his age now, but also perfect to grow with him as he gets older too. They're great quality and I absolutely love the modern design and the amount of storage you get with them.

His wardrobe is amazing, it fits in the space we've put it in perfectly and looks really modern but not too grown up. It holds so much - we've got all of Ethan's jumpers and t-shirts in it, as well as trousers and shorts. And then the storage on the side is used for big hard books, toys, his trunki, magazines, sticker books and more!

I wondered if we might have needed a bigger chest of drawers, but I forgot that children's clothes are much smaller and so Ethan's new chest of drawers fits everything we need it to inside and I love the design.

His new desk is perfect for storing all of Ethan's arts and crafts in, he's got so much as he's quite creative. In fact, it's one of the main reasons I wanted to move him into what is now our bigger room - I really wanted him to have some desk space for his crafts and LEGO.

Ethan's new bookshelves are from Argos Home and they're so good. We've always used the Ikea ledges for displaying the kid's books as we like to have them forward facing and whilst they've always worked well, they would often fall off of the shelves as we have a lot of books. Our new bookshelves are fantastic as the books sit inside so there's no way they can fall out and we can actually put a lot more books on the shelf because of this.

Besides Ethan's bed, we've got a couple of storage bags - one for his washing and one for extra bigger toys.

Artwork-wise we've gone for a few things that represent Ethan, like this picture of a little boy in a tree with his cat (this is SO Ethan, who is obsessed with cats just like his Mummy!). We've also got Ethan's Vulcan plane picture in his new room, as his favourite aeroplane is the Vulcan. I love Ethan's new clock as it's perfect for a kids room and adds a splash of colour to the wall. And I included some red, white and blue bunting to go over the top of his blinds. I have this thing with bunting and I just feel like it helps to add colour and character to a kids room. Ethan was so excited when he first saw his new dragon beanbag, it not only looks cool, but it's great for having somewhere snuggly to sit and read a story together.
We've also got an IKEA Kallax unit with the Drona storage boxes inside which holds things like LEGO and Playmobil and other small toys and keeps it all organised.

As with a lot of the rooms in our house, flooring-wise we chose Quickstep Creo Laminate Tennessee oak grey, it's one of our favourites because we just love the neutral grey colour. It's light and so it feels like it makes the room feel bigger and it's also fantastic quality. We've had it for years in some of the other rooms in our house and it still looks brand new! I also chose a blue, white and red stripey rug to fill some of the floor space and make it feel a little cosier for him whilst also adding to the colour theme that seemed to emerge whilst decorating his room.
We couldn't be any more pleased with Ethan's new bedroom size and room decor and he's completely over-joyed with it too. I think he feels so grown up with his new bigger bed and his desk space and he really enjoys the extra floor space to be able to create bigger and better LEGO models and lots more mess for Mummy to clean up!

If you've enjoyed this post, then I will be sharing finished room tours for the other rooms in our house very soon! You can also watch the video tour for this room over on my youtube channel.

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